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 Tattoo Artist Lady Karina

Lady Karina is a Texas Native, that has been professionally tattooing for over 9 years now! She has a true passion for Disney & Bluegrass country music! Karina Masters in Black &  Gray , Color Portraits, Realism Portraits, Color Tattoos, Neo Traditional, Realism, 3D, Geometrical, Traditional, 3D Nipple Tattoos to Cover Ups or Fix Ups! She is a All-around Master Artist!! Which is very rare, most artist master in one or two styles, but she does it all with the best of them! Karina also does Body Piercings as well ! If you would like to schedule a free consultation with Lady Karina please email the web page or call us @ 817-277-5199

Tattoos and Piercings she is a full service artist!

Tattoo Artist Chris Cabrera

Chris is a Texas Native from The Great City of Arlington Texas! He has been professionally tattooing for 6 years now! Chris has a passion for Gothic Art, and is a huge Deftones fan! Chris is also one of the most genuine people you will ever meet! His tattoo inspiration comes from Victor Chil a tattoo artist from Spain! Chris Masters in Black & Gray, Traditional, Color Tattoos, Cover-Ups, and anything Gothic based! You can contact Chris here at the studio for a Free Consultation @ 817-277-5199, or email our web page just click the link above! We just love our Arlington, Grand Prairie and Mansfield, Texas residents!

Best Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio in Arlington, Texas

Tattoos & Body Piercings


"Taking art to the Highest Level is our #1 Priority"

The Chosen One Ink has been serving Tattoos and Piercings to Arlington,

Grand Prairie, and Mansfield residents for the past 10 years! We are just minutes away from 

"AT&T Stadium" , "University of Texas Arlington", "General Motors", "Summit Racing", 

"Epic Water Park", The Park's Mall", and Trader's Village! 

Let's just say we are in The Heart of The Metroplex!

 Here at The Chosen One Ink our goal is to make you feel right at home, and for you to get that tattoo you truly desire! We all know money is huge factor for everything, but we will give you a good price for"The Best of Work". Our tattoo artist are all 

"OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Certified" , we are Certified from

The Texas Health Department LLC . With years of experience and the awards to prove it! The Chosen One Ink is known to be one of "The Best Tattoo Studios in the Great State of Texas". We have served Doctors, Lawyers, Police, Teacher's, Radio Talk Show Celebrities "Shawn Sixx",  Famous Rapper "Stacks Montana",

 TV Celebrity "Chewbacca Lady" Pro Football Players, TCU Basketball Players, OU Football Players, Senior Citizens to even other Tattoo Artist! We truly love our profession! This is a lifestyle we have chosen! We promise that you will receive The Absolute Best Experience in Our Studio!   

Body Piercing Studio in Arlington, Texas

Phat Matt's Piercing Dojo

Phat Matt has been the owner of, The Chosen One Ink Tattoo for over 6 years now, and he has been Professionally Body Piercing for 5 years ! He has changed this studio like no other! He changed it so much that, it is known to be one of The Best Tattoo Studios In Arlington,Texas & The Great State Of Texas, with the help of his Amazing Artists, and his Karina! Check out Phat Matt's Piercing Dojo! It is The Coolest, most relaxing Body Piercing Studio Around!!  It has Gold  & Platinum RIAA Certified Pantera Records on the wall, with (Dimebag Darrell Guitars (Dime Slime 333) a 1952 Chevy Truck wall decor, along with a Corvette Crashed through the wall decor, Custom Neon's, to Vintage Santa Cruz Skateboards, Vintage Arcade Machines including  Zoltar & Pac Man, and a very comfy Vintage Red Leather Barber Chair! 

Phat Matt has been Published in Voyage Magazine! He loves to play drums, loves to drive his Hot Rods, and loves to shoot his Guns! If you would like to schedule a piercing appointment with Matt, please feel free to email the website, or give us a call @ 817-277-5199 ! Unlike other tattoo shops, We Guarantee our Tattoos, and Piercings!

We Guarantee That You Will Absolutely Love Your Piercing! 

Get it done right the 1st time!!

BEWARE OF  TATTOO SHOPS THAT DO BODY PIERCINGS FOR A DOLLAR! It never comes out right!! Grand Prairie, Mansfield and Arlington, TX We Just Love You!!


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Wanna listen to our song of the day? We will be uploading new music everyday, "Come join us" Arlington, Grand Prairie , Mansfield Texas, now you can enjoy your Tattoos and Piercings In Style! Tattoo shops are the best place to relax, and listen to some great music! Body Piercings require really good music to take the edge off, when you're nervous! Please be sure to follow us on Instagram!

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