Professional Body Piercing

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Body Piercings

We do all types of Body Piercings here at the studio! We use "The Absolute Best Body Jewelry," that is healthy for your body!

 Please note that "Cheap Piercings Are Not Good" . Stay away from places that do Dollar Piercings, and places that use Piercing Guns , they are done by a Apprentice, and not done by a Professional ! Remember "PIERCING GUNS ARE A TERRIBLE IDEA" they cause Keloids, and make you get Bumps! The Gun "doesn't have a needle in it ", they pierce you with the dull jewelry OUCH!!! So if you see a "GUN YOU BETTER RUN"

Under age body piercings

Under Age Piercings

"Under Age Piercings" are welcome here, all we need is a 

Birth Certificate , a School ID or, a State Issued Driver's License that has the minors picture on it,  with also there "Legal Guardian", with there ID, and there names has to be on The Birth Certificate! After that we can gladly assist you! Don't worry about a thing Mom & Dad,  we are "OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Certified" 

Body Piercings

Piercing AfterCare

Piercings should be cleaned at least, 6 to 8 times a day for 8 weeks, with a Anti-Bacterial Solution ! PLEASE DO NOT USE ALCOHOL or HYDROGEN PEROXIDE! When you get a piercing here at the studio, you will receive a aftercare sheet explaining step by step instructions on how, to take care of your new piercing! We sell the absolute best aftercare solution here at, the studio for a very affordable price!